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Who is Arend Westra, known in electronic music as Eagle? A short story about you.

Eagle (a.k.a. Arend Westra) is a musician from Walterswald, Netherlands. he’s been a tireless explorer of making music with synthesizers.
An important element in the sound of my music is adding emotion to the compositions by finding gripping melodies.
My sphere of interest/influences are very wide, from classic electronic music, ambient, to the more modern style.

Your first steps approach to the music?

To give a pozitve musical message to people. After that i do a lot of experimentation. My aproach is everytime different. I can start for example with a melody or a sequence and build up the track from there.

How you define your music?

Electronic Space/Cosmic/Synthesizer music with a positive feel.

What musicians or groups formed you as a musician?

Vangelis, Jeann Michel Jarre, Kitaro and my first and main influence is the music of Tangerine Dream. New muscicians i love are Paul Lawler(Arcane) and Gert Emmens.


What genre of music you listen, especially?

My main influence for me is Berlin School music. I also listen a lot of prog rock and melodic metal.

Could you describe how you work in your studio?

All my electronic music studio work is via PC, so I am a sort of programmer. All Synthesizers are software based and i use a lot of sample libraries based instruments.


Do you prefere a jam in your live set or is everything sharply programmed in studio?

Both. Because i think in melodies i have a certain base there, but i also love to put în a spontanuous jam/improvisation in the track.

The most important three facts for your life?

– Creating music

– meeting my wife

– birth of our son

How do you elaborate your beats? Does the melody always come first?

Finding gripping melodies is the most important thing în my compositions. So that comes first. Then i will see later if some beats/drums are necessary to complete the track.

What kind of landscapes inspire you the best?

Oasis and the place where i live : The Frisian Meadows.

What is your relationship with the sciences? I noticed that you have several references in the titles of the plays to notions of astrophysics and science fiction.

I have a source of inspiration in SF books and movies. For example Blade Runner inspired me for the following song:


From physics and astrophysics  come across many amazing ideas and hypotheses.

What is your vision of the future of our civilization?

I have a positve look on that if world leaders listen better to the people.

What is the space for you?

A wonder of Design/Creation and full of mysteries.

What messages you spread with your music?

A message of Hope/positive way of thinking /love and respect for each other.


Thank you!