The subtitle „A century of the Romanian SF” is dedicated for the celebration of the centenary of the union of all Romanian provinces since 1st of December 1918.

The main organizers are: UNESCO Club „Quasar”, Iaşi University city and the Association „Verum” (A.V.I.A.).  Along with them are the „Gheorghe Asachi” County Library and the Romanian Association of Science Fiction Clubs and Authors, ARCASF.

Honorary guest: Alexandru Mironov

Special guests: Anamaria Borlan, Daniel Botgros, Ovidiu Bufnilă, Călin Dănilă, Cristina Ghidoveanu, George Lazăr, Mihaela Muraru-Mândrea, Mircea Nanu-Muntean, Stelian Neagu, Lucian Oancea, Ovidiu Petcu, Dan Popescu, George Sauciuc, Ciprian Iulian Şoptică

Artist invited: Radu Gavrilescu

The program

Temporary incursion: Saturday, November 24, 2018

10.00 • Welcoming Messages for “Dan Merişca” Days: Dan Doboş, Virgil Băbîi, Lucian Merişca, the County School Inspectorate and Alex Marinescu (the last as a music messenger)

11.00 • Opening of the visual arts exhibition Black holes in space and time. The Abis on the move presents: Gina Sava and Cristian Ungureanu. • Expose: Mircea Boboc, Georgiana Ceauşu, Radu Gavrilescu and Alex Marinescu

12.30 • Temporal Surgery, human agent and doubled paradox – section of scientific communications coordinated by George Ceauşu. Participants: Beatrice Badea, Daniel Botgros, Ovidiu Bufnil, Felicia Ceauşu, and Radu Gavrilescu, Cristina Ghidoveanu.

15.00 • The present ignoring history – a section of theory and literary criticism coordinated by George Ceauşu. Participants: Anamaria Borlan, George Lazar, Alex Marinescu, Stelian Neagu, Ciprian Iulian Şoptică

16.45 • Duplex Conference: Time Agent and Time Patrol in Science-fiction • With: Ovidiu Petcu and Ovidiu Bufnilă. Moderators: Ştefan Baciu and George Lazăr

18.15 • Mihai-Cristian Fetcu and Călin Danila, the Universe and the living space-time (conference). Moderator: Vlad Frânghiu

20.15 • The Time Machine in Action. Debate led by Vlad Frânghiu and Mircea Nanu-Muntean; continued with a movie review: The Sound of Thunder (2005).

Patrol Time Report: Sunday, November 25, 2018

10.00 • The past is confusing us, the future helps us: the road to the stars conference by Dan Dobos. Comment: Ovidiu Petcu, Vlad Niţă, Lucian Merişca

11.00 • Neither the future is no longer what it was – the conference of Alexander Mironov. Moderator: Mircea Nanu-Muntean

13.00 • Quo vadis, Romanian science – fiction? • Dan Popescu and Lucian Oancea conference on the history of science fiction and fantasy at the Centenary. Comments: Daniel Botgros, Gabriela Nicoleta Lupascu, to whom the moderates are added, after the free radicals are removed!

15.00 • Past and future help us, but the SF confuses us (cenacle).  Conclusions on the event by Ionuţ Horeanu, Mircea Boboc, Cristina Ghidoveanu or other agents (temporal or not)

16.00 • Time be with you! • Interclub meeting, coordinated by Viorel Dontu, Lucian Merisca, artistically valued by Alex Marinescu and Valentina Manole.

Translated by Alexandra Andreea Bancu