Who is Thomasz Pauszek?

I`m a composer, producer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, performer of electronic and experimental music from Poland. Formely known for such projects as ODYSSEY, RND and WAXFOOD. I started my career as a music producer in 1999, so in 2019 there is 20th anniversary of my artistic work. „Syntharsis” was my debut album, released in July 2001 and it was a great success. Till now I have released 10 albums.


What is the space for you?

Space is a great place, inspiring and very quiet. But I like to think that everyone of us have a space inside. So each one of us is a different universe.

How is your first steps approach to the music?

As a kid I have listened a lot of electronic music: Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis. They inspired me a lot. So then I started to learn to play accordion and then for few years I learned to play keyboards.

How you define your music?

My music is mainly instrumental and emotional. I dont like to classify it as electronic music. It s a music made with electronic instruments.

What musicians or groups formed you as a musician?

Mainly Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk.

What genre of music you listen, especially?

Except electronic music I listen classical music a lot.

Could you describe how you record in your studio?

I like to compose alone, I have to focus on the work and creative process. Othre people would distract me. So I start mainly playing some sounds on synthesizer and when I create any theme I record it and then work on it.

Do you prefere a jam in your live set or is everything sharply programmed?

I like to program and mainly I forcus on this. I work on sounds and sequences. But from time to time I jam and then I create some very unusual stuff. So I like both aproaches.

Named three facts that affected your life, deeply?

Watching 2001:A Space Odyssey, Love and perseides .

How do you elaborate your beats? Does the melody always come first?

In 90% the melody comes first but sometimes I hear some great loop or great drum sound and then I start with that. Normally I create beats at the end of composing.

What kind of landscapes inspire you the best?

The forest, desert and mountain landscapes at sunset.

How  is your vision of the future of our civilization?

I think that artificial intelligence will lead us near future. I see it both, good and bad. Good, because it can help people. But we must be careful not to get lost with this aproach, to not lose human emotions.

How mesages you spread with your music?

Love to each creature on Earth, tranquility, kindness and the importance of spirituality.

Thank you, Tomasz! We hope to celebrate your 20 years of music together, at   Spacers Festival 2019.