Stana Briana

Think of yourself laying in a comfy armchair surrounded by music and realistic or nonrealistic landscape. 
What is called in Star Trek a holodeck may now be replicated by a room with 2D or 3D projections and emulate complex and sophisticated experience by the auditor. An experience through which we can dive into the depths of the oceans, fly through the air, or travel deep among the stars. It is one of the Spacers projects.

SPACERS  purpose is to build a special connection through sound and music. A long-term project for fun, educational and informative goals, meant to increase interest and to develop skills for artistic, musical, and scientific knowledge.

One of these projects is The Electronic Music Festival where music should be at its finest, part of multimedia experiences: music, video, light shows and laser animation.

Hundreds of styles, genres and sub genres of experimental music, eclectic and electronic dance music coming from Germany, France, Great Britain, and Italy pioneers, the great generation of the 70’s-80’s and 90’s marked our memory, legendary musicians and bands such as: Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis Papathanasiou, Jean- Michel Jarre, Didier Marouanni, Klaus Schulze, Yazoo, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, OMD and many others, creating true schools of electronic music and genres over time. All these are part of the great family of music created by synthesizing and modulating instruments, analog or digital which have increased the expressiveness and innovated the way it sounds, capturing us emotionally. It is time for the next generations!

We, SPACERS, launched the first event in 2021. The festival lasted for two days and was spaced into two themes: the them of Earth and the theme of Moon.

On the first day (the theme of Earth) we included songs made by musicians: : Cristian Onofreiciuc, Adrian Chifu and Alba Ecstasy (Romania), Adrian Sandoval (Mexico), Andrea Michele Vincenti (Italy), Sufi’s Life & Merlin feat. Kezz (Serbia), Eagle / Arend Westra (Netherlands), Sequentia Legenda, Yves Le Brugune and Eric Bettens (France), Lethave Plank (Spain), Michael Brückner, Volker Rapp, Klaus Shonning, Fritz Mayr and ZeeJay (Claus Jahn Music) from Germany.

On the second day (dedicated to the Moon) those mentioned before were joined by : SIM, Adrian Chifu (Romania), Andre Perim (Brazil), Ansgar Stock (an 11-year-old) and Matt Stock (Germany), Stellardrone (Lithuania), Specimen Eleven (Poland), Secret Sonics (Netherlands).


Thank you to all the musicians and visual artists involved in this project for quality electronic art and music in Romania!

Thank you, Corina Chirila. Thanks for the students of the High School of Fine Arts from Timișoara, coordinated by prof. Eugenia Banciu-Drăgoi for  the exhibition Terra and Moon @ Spacers Festival.

Special mentions to…

Many thanks to those who improved their work, improvised and made live recordings special for the festival. A mention to Alba Ecstasy from Bucharest who sent two better tracks of the original studio versions of his albums: “The Night Shift“, and The Simulator from the album “Albastru Infinit”- Infinite Blue.

The German composers are worth mentioning: Michael Brückner who performed two live, improvisational recordings especially for this festival, called „The Earth”, and „The Moon and Beyond”, inspired by a novel of Arthur C. Clarke  and Claus Jahn, the author of a short SF film titled in Romanian, especially for Romanians fans: Spider Attack – from the cycle ” The Chronicles of Nostradamus with his original score  on ambiental music.


For 2022, SPACERS intention is to start (if situation allows), a series of live events. The relationships between the artists on stage and the audience, the visual effects will amplify the way we understand and live the music.


To find out more details and enjoy the music and video productions, you can follow the link below:


Thanks to all the musicians and visual artists involved in this project for quality electronic art and music in Romania!

Good bye for 2022!


Sponsor: RUBIN srl

Credit art – thanks: Stana Briana, posters: Adrian Chifu & Claus Jahn. Translations: Costel Babos.

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