Who are Andrea Michele Vincenti? Tell us a bit about yourself.

My musical journey began as a classically trained pianist, gradually becoming a keyboardist and guitarist interested in avant-garde (both in music and writing). I compose songs and music from … 1994. You can define me as an „eclectic chiseler”. Over time I have developed my musical path towards the this point that I could call „cubist” music, which consists of a varied range of ideas and genres used and assembled almost like a collage.

What does space means to you?

Space is my homeland. The writer and friend Monica Pasero wrote that: “I try to create compositions as if they were magical portals between the ground and the other, music becomes a means of union between our known and unknown senses. I propose ancestral melodies that rebalance spirit and mind bringing them in harmony with the Universe”.

What were your first steps towards becoming a musician?

My father listened to a lot of music and played the guitar, an Hofner acoustic. He also did some singing. Listening to classical music helped me train my ear. The first instrument that I had was the organ, Bontempi b14 on which, at 4 years, I improvised melodies for whole afternoons …

How do you define your music?

Eclectically cubist!

What musicians or groups influenced you as a musician?

Vangelis, Vangelis, Vangelis … Rondò Veneziano, Jarre, Alan Parson, Pink Floyd, Oldfield, Mozart, Vivaldi, Paradisi, De Andrè, Battisti …

What genre of music do you like to listen?

Electronic new age, space music, ambient, synth wave.

How do you like to record your music?

Directly, without too much processing.

A definition of music?

I believe that art is a lucid and conscious improvisation.

Could you tell us about 3 events or facts about yourself that significantly affected you as a person and as a musician?

My happy and carefree childhood spent at the home of my maternal grandparents that I loved, my shyness in the obscure school years that I hated and the death of the people dear to me like my maternal grandparents and my father …

How do you compose your beats? Does the melody always come first?

The melody is the undisputed queen!

What kind of landscapes inspire you the best (think of how Jean Michel Jarre „took over” the piramids and how Giorgio Moroder did the same thing in regards to space)?

The deep space as well as the desert of sand or the deserted city.

What is your vision of the future in regards to our civilization?

As long as the world is based on money and not on the value of the soul, our civilization will be a prisoner of itself.

What messages do you hope to spread with your music?

Only with the harmony of union can we reach the path of light, everything that divides us does not improve us.

Thank you! We wish you inspiration for the next 100 years!

Thank you for this interview, dear friend!