Cele două asociații din România, Asociația Română a Cluburilor și Autorilor de Science Fiction din România, ARCASF, și Societatea Română de Science-Fiction și Fantasy, SRSFF, care grupează majoritatea cluburilor și autorilor de science-fiction din România, au hotărât să propună din partea României  pentru premiile Eurocon, Dortmund, 2017, următoarele:


Best Author: Gheorghe Săsărman (Romania)
Best Artist: Doina Ruști (Romania)
Best Publisher: Tritonic (Romania)
Best Magazine: Helion (Romania)
Best Promoter: Lucian-Vasile Szabo (Romania)
Best Translator: Mihai Dan Pavelescu (Romania)


Best Author: Dănuț Ungureanu (Romania)
Best Artist: Adrian Barbu (Romania)
Best Fanzine: Gazeta SF (Romania)
Best Website: https://carticetindspreinfinit.wordpress.com/ (Romania)
Best creator of children’s ScienceFiction or fantasy books: Echipa HAC! (Romania)
European Grand Master: Gérard Klein (France)
Encouragement Award: Daniel Timariu (Romania)

Appendix to Romanian Eurocon Nominations

Best Author
Gheorghe Sasarman is one of the most prolific Romanian science fiction writers of all
time. At the 1980 Italian Eurocon held in Streza, Sasarman was awarded the Europa Prize for
the novel 2000, which was translated into German and published by the Fisher Verlag PH in
His seminal work, Cuadratura Cercului (Squaring the Circle), published in 1978 at Dacia
Publishing House, has been translated into French, Spanish, German and English (by Ursula
K. LeGuin). Many of his short stories have been translated in Hungarian, Russian, Italian,
German, French, Serbian. His latest novel, Adevărata cronică a morții lui Yeșua Ha-Nozri
(The True Chronic of the Death of Yeșua Ha-Nozri) released in 2016 by Polirom is currently
being translated into German.

Best Artist
Doina Rusti, fiction writer, screen writer and film director.
Her films, The Insidious Shadow of Love (2016) and The Miracle in Tekir (2015), drawing on
speculative fiction themes, enjoy wide critical and fan acclaim.

Best Publisher
In the last few years, Tritonic Publishing House has published numerous Romanian
writers, many of whom are young novelists at their first or second book. Among the writers
who have come to prominence after being published by Tritonic Publishng House are Lucian
Dragoș Bogdan, Liviu Surugiu (winners of the Romcon National Convention Award), Michael
Haulică, Mihai Alexandru Dinca, Florin Purluca, Daniel Timariu, Sebastian Corn, and Eugen

Best Magazine
Helion is a distinguished SF magazine, published by Helion Club Timisoara. In recent years,
six printed issues were published annually, in A4 format, two-color combined with multicolor
printing, usually double-issues. Some of its long-standing columns are Laborator SF (SF
Lab), Cronica de familie (Family Review) Alternative (Alternatives), Meridian SF (SF
Meridian), Fototeca (Photo Gallery), Pe scurt despre proza scurtă (Short Fiction – in Short).
Among its most prominent contributors are Mircea Opriță, Gh. Sasarman, Liviu Surugiu,
Mariano Martin Rodriguez, Lucian Boia, Cornel Robu, Lucian-Vasile Szabo, Lucian Dragoș
Bogdan, Ciprian Baciu, Daniel Timariu, Adrian Chifu, Marian Mirescu. Magazine website:

Best Promoter
Lucian-Vasile Szabo is president of the Helion Club, assistant editor of Helion Magazine
and editor-in-chief of Helion Online Magazine (10 issues per year, 72 issues to date). He
successfully organized the second edition of the Helion International Conference (May 8-9,
2016) and the 30th edition of the Helion Session (May, 2016) a CFP conference on the history
and literary theory of science fiction.

Best translator
Mihai Dan Pavelescu, is, alongside Virgil Stanciu, Silviu Genescu, and Alexandru Maniu
one of the best English to Romanian translators. His translations were published by Nemira,
Paladin, and Millenium Books PH.


Best Author
Dănuț Ungureanu is one of the most noteworthy Romanian writers of SF novels and short
stories. Some of his best works include: Așteptând în Ghermana (Waiting in Ghermana),
Marilyn Monroe pe o curbă închisă (Marilyn Monroe on a closed curve), Basme
Geostaționare (Geostationary Fairytales). He published two novels at Nemira Publishing
House, Vegetal (2014) and Mineral (2015), coauthored with Marian Truță. His latest novel,
Noaptea în oraș, fără părinți (At Night in the City, Parentless) published in 2016 at Fusion
PH is a cyberpunk fairytale, a parable on the irreversible dehumanization of man and
departure from our ancient values, but with hopes of regeneration through courage,
friendship and love.

Best Artist
Adrian Barbu is a Romanian graphic artist famous both in Romania and on the Continent,
known for his comic-books and his exhibitions in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi. He
also worked with comic-book publishing houses in Belgium, France, Italy, and USA. He is
both a creator and an illustrator. Website: http://graphite-illustrator.blogspot.ro/

Best Fanzine
Gazeta S.F. is a monthly online magazine from Suceava, currently in its eighth year of
existence, having released 74 issues to date. Alongside Helion Online and Nautilius it has
published the highest number of short story debuts.

Best Website
https://carticetindspreinfinit.wordpress.com/. This is a well-made cultural
marketing product and an excellent literary culture blog, which devotes ample space to
speculative fiction.

Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy Books
The HAC (Harap Alb Continues) team, led by Marian Coman, arguably the most
noteworthy effort in the past few years to keep Romanian comic-book culture alive.

European Grand Master
Gerard Klein (France), for the entire body of his work, and also for his generosity, having
relinquished copyrights in order to finance the Romanian Colin Awards as well as Romanian,
Hungarian and Russian translations.

Encouragement Awards
Daniel Timariu, for the ingenious and novel ways in which he sets up new worlds and
situations in Romanian SF fiction. His first collection of stories, Amețeli Postlumice (Post-
World Vertigos), Eurostampa, 2016, attests to these qualities.