Tritonic Publishing House and Helion Online Magazine are proud to announce the publication of East of a Known Galaxy, a collection of short stories written by 12 of the finest contemporary Romanian Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors. The texts range from Military Sci-Fi, Dystopias, and Cyberpunk, to Gothic Fantasy.

The collection will be available in print at the Dublin Worldcon 2019 (15-19 August), and the Belfast Eurocon 2019 (TitanCon, August 22-25). They can be found at Romania’s delegation stand.

The editors would like to show their gratitude to the writers involved in this project: Ciprian-Ionuț Baciu, Lucian-Dragoș Bogdan, Miloș Dumbraci, Cătălina Fometici, Silviu Genescu, Alexandru Lamba, Teodora Matei, Florin Purluca, Liviu Surugiu, and Lucian-Vasile Szabo for their alacrity and hastiness with which they answered the call.

Furthermore, they want to give a shout out to the translators of the texts, Antuza Genescu, Alexandru Maniu, Alexandra Pișcu, J.S. Bangs, Anamaria Bancea, Sebi Simion, Mălina Duță, and Andreea Șerban.

Also, their heartfelt acknowledgement goes to Mr. Bogdan Hrib, founder of Tritonic Publishing House, for his trust and effort to publish and promote contemporary Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romanian authors, and for his involvement in this project.

The collection is also available for purchase here.

East of a Known Galaxy - coperta