Către Comitetul de organizare a EuroCon 2018 Amiens, Franța,

Asociația Română a Cluburilor și Autorilor de Science Fiction din România, ARCASF, organizatorul Convenției Naționale a Cluburilor și Autorilor de Science Fiction din România, RomCon Reșița 2018, vă trimite propunerile pentru premiile EuroCon, Amiens, Franța, 19-22 iulie 2018:



Best Author: Gheorghe Săsărman (Romania)
Best Artist: Victor Drujiniu (Romania)
Best Publisher: Tritonic (Romania)
Best Magazine: Helion (Romania)
Best Promoter: Lucian-Vasile Szabo (Romania)
Best Translator: Mihai Dan Pavelescu (Romania) 


Best Author: Dan Doboș (Romania)
Best Artist: Adrian Barbu (Romania)
Best Fanzine: Gazeta SF (Romania)
Best Website: fansf.wordpress.com (Romania)
Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy Books: Echipa HAC!
European Grand Master: Gérard Klein (France)
Chrysalis Award: Daniel Timariu (Romania) 

Explicațiile nominalizărilor:


Best Author

Gheorghe Sasarman is one of the most prolific Romanian science fiction writers of all time. At the 1980 Italian Eurocon held in Streza, Sasarman was awarded the Europa Prize for the novel 2000, which was translated into German and published by the Fisher Verlag PH in Munich. His seminal work, Cuadratura Cercului (Squaring the Circle), published in 1978 at Dacia Publishing House, has been translated into French, Spanish, German and English (by Ursula K. LeGuin). Many of his short stories have been translated in Hungarian, Russian, Italian, German, French, Serbian. His latest novel, Adevărata cronică a morții lui Yeșua Ha-Nozri (The True Chronic of the Death of Yeșua Ha-Nozri) released in 2016 by Polirom is currently being translated into German. A translation of his novel Squaring the Circle will be published this year in Japan.

http://www .gheorghe-sasarman.eu/
https://ro.w ikipedia.org/w iki/Gheorghe_S%C4%83s%C4%83rm an


Best Artist

Victor Drujiniu is an important Romanian comic book artist. He has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics and Soleil Productions. His first works were published in 2007. Exhibitions of his works were held in Bucharest, Budapest and Timisoara.

Presentations: “How to break into comics – The importance of the internet in comics, London Super Comic Con 2012.” Victor has also given talks at the East European Comic Cons (2013, 2015, and Budapest Comic Con International Festival, 2017.

He was featured in hapacegoatproductions.com, comicsbulletin.com, the-guggers.com and tfaw.com.

Projects: P. S. C. All Star T.1. L’Étrange Défaite – Soleil; Justice League Dark #13 #14; Green Lantern Corps #25, Arrow, Batman: Arkham Origins, Person of Interest – DC Comics; Predators, The Occultist, Prototype 2, Dungeon Siege – Dark Horse; Incredible Hulks: Amadeus Cho – Marvel; Rip Van Winkle, Return To Wonderland: The Mad Hatter, The Waking (graphic novel) – Zenoscope



Best Publisher

In the last few years, Tritonic Publishing House has published numerous Romanian

writers, many of whom are young novelists at their first or second book. Among the writers who have come to prominence after being published by Tritonic Publishng House are Lucian Dragoș Bogdan, Liviu Surugiu (winners of the Romcon National Convention Award), Michael Haulică, Mihai Alexandru Dinca, Florin Purluca, Daniel Timariu, Sebastian Corn, L.V. Szabo, Cristian Vicol, Cătălina Fometici and Eugen Cadaru.



Best Magazine

Helion is a distinguished SF magazine, published by Helion Club Timisoara. In recent years, six printed issues were published annually, in A4 format, two-color combined with multicolor printing, usually double-issues. Some of its long-standing columns are Laborator SF (SF Lab), Cronica de familie (Family Review) Alternative (Alternatives), Szabo, Lucian Dragoș Bogdan, Ciprian Baciu, Daniel Timariu, Adrian Chifu, Marian Mirescu. Magazine

website: www.helionsf.ro


Best Promoter

Lucian-Vasile Szabo is president of the Helion Club, assistant editor of Helion Magazine and editor-in-chief of Helion Online Magazine (10 issues per year, 81 issues to date). He successfully organized the second edition of the Helion International Conference (May, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and the 31st edition of the Helion Session (May, 2016, 2017, and 2018) a CFP conference on the history and literary theory of science fiction.

http://www .uniuneascriitorilortm .ro/content/szabo-vasile-lucian


Best translator

Mihai Dan Pavelescu, is, alongside Virgil Stanciu, Silviu Genescu, and Alexandru Maniu one of the best English to Romanian translators. His translations were published by Nemira, Paladin, and Millenium Books PH.

https://ro.w ikipedia.org/w iki/Mihai-Dan_Pavelescu



Best Author

Dan Doboș is well known for being the bestselling author of Romanian science fiction. In his country, he has won all the sci-fi awards (Colin, RomCon, Ion Hobana, Galileo) and his trilogy, Abația (The Abbey) is considered to be, probably, the most important work of the genre in Romanian. His latest book, eu 2.0 (me 2.0) is a set of seven love stories centered on the enigmatic character of Cassandra, placed in an optimistic near future.



Best Artist

Adrian Barbu is a Romanian graphic artist famous both in Romania and on the Continent,

known for his comic-books and his exhibitions in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi. He also worked with comic-book publishing houses in Belgium, France, Italy, and USA. He is both a creator and an illustrator.

Website: http://graphite-illustrator.blogspot.ro/


Best Fanzine

Gazeta S.F. is a monthly online magazine from Suceava, currently in its eighth year of

existence, having released 74 issues to date. Alongside Helion Online and Nautilius it has published the highest number of short story debuts.



Mircea Opriță
President ARCASF


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